There Are Many Beautiful Places That Can Be Seen In Diveagar.

Suvarnaganesh Temple

The history of Suvarnaganesh is quite interesting. On November 17, 1997 it was Sankashti Chaturthi as per Hindu Calender, on that day old lady who owned Supari Baug exactly behind Ganesh Temple was digging around Supari tree, where she was found copper box. It was weighing approximately 31 kilos, it looks muddy as it was burned and some Sanskrit words were written on it.

Sundernarayan Temple

Sundernarayan Temple also known as Rupnarayan temple, was believed to be built in the 13th century, under the rule of King Shilahar. While entering the temple you have to bind yourself and enter. We cannot see sculpture face to face. This idol is between 800 to 1265 years old. The best example of sculpture is this idol of Rupnarayan Temple.


The natural beauty of Diveagar beach is seen by its clean water, white sand and serenity. It has approximately 6 km. strength, for us beach means bhel-chat wala, gola wala, coconut shell strewn around. The beach is as clean and beautiful as the beaches you have ever seen. The right side of the beach is the Velas lake and the left side is Karle lake and in the middle of the beach,

Uttareshwar Temple

The Shiva Temple at the northern end of Diveagar is called Uttareshwar. The outer walls of purplish stone and the tile roof appears modern but the sanctum and the ruined statutes indicate that the original temple must have been 7 to 8 hundred years old.It is being reconstructed by the Government. The temple is situated near Srushti Villa.


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